Love Well.


I started a new prayer journal a few days ago and on the cover it says “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you” John 15:12. Its all pretty in gold lettering and pretty font and I read it every time I open my journal by default. But today it kind of smacked me. Hard. This is NOT how I have been loving others. whoops.

I am so guilty of dishing out exactly what I get. If they didn’t call me- I am not calling them. I always listen to him complain- he should listen to me too!! I cooked dinner- nobody ever makes me food so I am done.  (Welcome to my brain…#lindsaylogic). But this type of thinking is all wrong. It is a trap. It reveals the hidden motives in my heart and my own selfish desires. That is not love.We are not called to love others as they have loved us.

We are called to love others as God has loved us.

For me personally God has been intentional, persistent, gracious and faithful in His love for me. He is present even when I turn away. He speaks to me even when I don’t desire to listen. He provides even when I doubt. He comforts when I have wandered into self-inflicted hurt. He forgives me even though I fail him every. single. day.  He clarifies when I am confused. He lends his ear when all I bring him is a complaint. He gives and gives and gives even though I have nothing to offer him but thanksgiving (when I remember).

That is how I am supposed to be loving others.

That is a lot of love. But I can only imagine how it will change all of my relationships when I change the posture of my heart to give without expectation of receiving.

What would our lives look like if we got rid of our own personal tally system where we keep track of all we’ve done and how seemingly little others have done for us? What would our marriages, friendships, work relations look like if we extended more patience, more forgiveness and more compassion without needing anything back? What if we just GAVE like God gives to us?

This was on my heart today. So I hope you join me in keeping this verse close to our hearts so we are able to love others not because of who they are or what they have or haven’t done, but because God loves us.

I pray you let God fill you up with His perfect love today and that you are able to pour it freely out into everyone around you.

Love well.


Search me, O God and know my heart; test me and know my thoughts- Psalm 139:23


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