Books Worth Reading

Over the last few months I have had my nose in quite a few *life changing* books. Reading your bible is essential to really growing close to God. But I personally love to add additional resources to enrich my study and build on the principles I see in Gods word. Please comment below with books you recommend or comments on the ones I’ve mentioned!

Five Habits of a Woman who Doesn’t Quit– Nicki Koziarz

I found this gem through Proverbs 31. They host online bible studies that are AWESOME. A friend and I embarked on this challenge together as we both realized we were facing some situations where we wanted to BAIL and run for cover. (The irony of the timing of the bible study was not lost on us.) This book is a delightful read full of adorable stories and honest truths about the struggles of being a woman, a mom, and a wife. It helped me reframe my view of my challenges, shortcomings, and failures and look at them as assignments from God to help me grow. If you struggle with being a finisher, finding the lesson in the journey or just being lazy– this one is for you.

Choosing Gratitude– Nancy Leigh DeMoss

This book was recommended to me by a dear friend (and graphic designer) Ashlee Lindo during one of the most heartbreaking seasons I’ve ever been through. And it changed everything. The idea that our perspective of each day is a choice was radically new to me. I was a person who let my emotions and surroundings control my day. If I woke up cranky- I stayed cranky. If something went wrong the entire day was immediately ruined. Not a fun way to live. But this book encouraged me to choose my attitude everyday and I really was able to turn around relationships and see Gods beauty in the most painful of seasons. I ditched my complaining and resentful spirit and chose to live a life of gratitude- despite how I felt. And it made all the difference. If you need a little bit of a push to change your perspective, grab this book and let the author teach you how to live a joy-filled life no matter what you’re facing.

Love, Skip, Jump– Shelene Bryan

Saying yes to God is scary. It’s hard but it’s unbelievably rewarding. The author takes you through a series of hilarious, thoughtful and heartwarming stories about the power of going places you’ve never been, doing things you’ve never done and taking true leaps of faith. If you’re in a rut or you feel like God is calling you to something new but you’re   hesitant or unsure- order this NOW. This book is a perfect kick in the pants for anyone who has stood still too long.
I really loved each of these books! I hope they touch your heart and inspire you just like they did for new!
With love,


Proverbs 3:13 – Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding.



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