This is Who I Am.

A few months ago I woke up and headed out to Oak Park to take a walk with my mentor. For those of you not from the Chi-town area…thats about a 20 minute train ride away! Its a straight shot. super easy.
 At one point though, the train stops and the conductor said we must all get off and get on busses to get to our desired stop. The train tracks up ahead were being renovated and it wasn’t safe for us to keep riding farther. I still had a few stops to go before I reached Oak Park. At this point…my heart starts to race. I wasn’t in the best part of town, I am not super savvy in my train riding abilities and I just overall got nervous. Dramatic, I know but my concerns were:
WHAT IF THE BUSSES ARENT THERE. How will I get to my destination?? Why can’t we just keep going on the train??
 But I get off the train and follow the line of people and there waiting across the street are three busses parked with signs indicating that they are waiting for us. In that moment, my heart rate slowed down and I felt God say:
 “This is who I am”

What he meant by that is…
When road blocks, detours, delays show up in your seemingly easy and direct route…God ALWAYS has a plan to get you to your destination. The busses were already waiting for us. Three of them!! I didn’t have to wait. I didn’t have to wonder. I didn’t have to panic.I didn’t need the train to keep going in the way I wanted it to go.
God goes before us to meet us where we need him before we even know that we do. Just like those busses. God always has a plan. And its always ahead of ours. and its ALWAYS on time.
THEN I was just walking through my complex (post wonderful walk with mentor and lunch with a dear friend) a little girl was walking holding her dads hand. She couldn’t have been more than three. Her feet got tangled up and she almost fell and hit the ground but he swiftly yanked her up and said “I got you”.  It was the simplest moment but it truly resonated with me. Again I heard God say:

“This is who I am”

When we get ready to stumble or it looks like we are on our way to the ground, God is ALWAYS there to grab our hand and rescue us…especially when we are already holding His. This dad was able to catch her before she fell because his hand was interlaced with hers. When we walk hand in hand with God, our stumbles often times don’t become accidents. Our trip ups don’t become disasters. I wonder how this scene would have played out if the little girl had gone ahead of her dad and not been holding his hand…trying to run all on her own…
So I say this all to remind you that detours are often there to protect us from destruction we cannot see or understand. And when they arise God will meet us right there in that moment to carry us on to our destination. And if we walk with our hand in His, He will catch us before we fall.
Walk closely with God and let him order your steps. Trust him with the delays, the detours and the stumbles. He is a faithful God. and He loves us. THAT is who He is.
Psalm 37:4 Though he may stumble, He will not fall, for the Lord UPHOLDS him with his hand. 
Deuteronomy 31:8 The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will NEVER leave you nor forsake you. DO NOT BE AFRAID; do not be discouraged. 

With love,

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