Present Over Perfect

 Before Pancakes and Prayer a few weeks ago, I was in full blown hostess stress mode. The Wholefoods near my house was out of peonies so I had to go with tulips (Major crisis guys). I burned the first 5 pancakes, I was half dressed and had a mountain of dishes in the sink. By my standards, I was UNPREPARED for the soon to arrive guests. My early arrival friends were patient with my anxious (some would say rude) tone and told me it would be fine. But nothing felt fine. I was nervous. I was hungry. And I was clearly missing the point of the entire event…


I wanted my brunch to be perfect. With perfectly round pancakes and the perfect amount of blueberries and the perfect mimosas and the perfect prayers. I wanted the perfect outfit, with the perfect lipstick and the perfect photos. I wanted perfection. Perfection was clearly not going to happen in the midst of the chaos and I immediately thought of Shauna Niequist: “Present over Perfect”. So I took some deep breaths, started the third batch of pancakes and hoped for the best. I welcomed my guests in with a crazy kitchen, half cooked bacon & a smile. And each one of them greeted me back with gratitude and a hug.


I made the choice to be present and in that decision, I was able to be exactly who I was. A girl who goes barefoot even though she’s dressed up, the girl who left the dishes in the sink because the people waiting in her living room were more important, and the girl who loves to talk about her feelings with a group of women who just GET it. I was who I was. And that allowed my people to feel comfortable being who they were. And we were present. And it was perfect.  We feasted. We shared. We savored the moment. And I can thank Shauna Niquest for this.



Shauna Niequist hosted a book release launch party out in the suburbs of Illinois. The music was great, the women were awesome and Shauna dazzled us with her witty humor and genuine answers to our most heartfelt inquiries. Shauna spoke about being brave enough to do the sacred, risky thing of being exactly who we are. Which is exactly what I was striving to do days before at Pancakes and Prayer. It was AWESOME. (you can watch the whole event here).


Shauna, the believer, wife, mother of 2, writer of 5, lover of food, gave me an entirely new perspective on living.  As she expounded on her reasoning behind writing the book, she was encouraging me beyond my expectations. She gave me permission to leave behind the pressures of the world and be fully in the moment of the epic life I get to live. She taught me how to rebuild the foundation of my life on Gods love and not on what the world says I should be or what random standards I have set for myself. She gave me the freedom to release my need to know how others feel about me, my writing, or what I do, and to latch on to who God says I am.

So even before I got to meet her, her book title began to shift my perspective and it’s only progressing from here. As I read through her book and soak in her words, I become more and more interested in how I can live a more present and less frantic life. Each page inspires me to take in exactly where I am and just BE. I am learning that I can be present.  I can sit down and savor the stories of  7 incredible women in my living room without fretting over the lack of peonies or dirty dishes. I can make pancakes that may not be perfectly round but will definitely taste good and be okay with that. I can release the pressures of the world and be perfectly content in the exact moment I am living in.


I am choosing Present over Perfect. I hope you get the book and choose it with me.


with love,
p.s. When I met Shauna I told her I am a writer/blogger. Her reply? “Keep writing. Blog about everything.” 🙂 *squeals*
Have a present over perfect moment you want to share? Are you a Shauna fan! Comment below and let me know!


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