At Capacity

  I have a lot on my plate and I am guessing you do too. I won’t list them all out but know that the list is long enough to forget a few things. I constantly feel like the plate is so full and I can’t get a bigger plate- I only have 24 hours a … More At Capacity

My Redeemer Lives

About a month ago I got into a nasty fight with one of my closest sisters in christ.  We spent many lunch hours praying, singing and crying. We witnessed God move in each others lives in a short amount of time and shared our most intimate fears and life challenges with one another. So as … More My Redeemer Lives

It’s for your good.

So.. life happens. Everything is going smoothly and then BAM you get hit with a circumstance, reality, disappointment that feels like a major setback. God never said there wouldn’t be problems. But I always struggle with WHY. Why do we have to have the problems? Why do people have to die? Why cancer? Why breakups? … More It’s for your good.

In the In Between

My churchs women’s ministry Eden hosts an event every so often called a Story Slam where women from our church take the stage and share their hilarious, heart wrenching, tear jerking, raw stories. I attended my first one this August and it was all about being in the in between. Internally- I chuckled because I … More In the In Between