In the In Between

My churchs women’s ministry Eden hosts an event every so often called a Story Slam where women from our church take the stage and share their hilarious, heart wrenching, tear jerking, raw stories. I attended my first one this August and it was all about being in the in between. Internally- I chuckled because I know the in between all to well.


I am in between starting law school and graduating.
I am in between moving and feeling at home.
I am in between the promise and the fruition.


I have been in the in between for a while in many different spaces. But then it hit me…in some way or another we are ALWAYS in the in between. The second we get whatever it is we are waiting for we enter another in between season. Our life is built out of these lulls and valleys and waiting periods. That seems sort of…awful?


But as I sat there listening to women tell me stories of their in betweens, God spoke to my heart and said “This is the best part”.


I thought He was joking. How could this be the best part?  So I naturally replied…


“What you mean God?” And He said…


“This is where I have your full attention. This is where you need me the most. This is where you find me, depend on me and get closer to me. It is in these in betweens where I can teach you about yourself, prepare you and the promise and teach you to be more like me. This is where life is lived…in the in betweens


I thought about the in between season that is most heavily on my heart and He began to bring so much to mind. The books I’ve had time to read, the lessons I have learned, the skills I’ve developed, the courage I’ve stirred up, the perseverance I have found and the most intimate and loving relationship I could ask for with my Savior. I wouldn’t be me without the in between. If I was constantly bouncing from mountain to mountain I wouldn’t ever hit a valley where I would have the character building, faith stretching, hope creating seasons that have made me a better woman.
He was right. The in betweens are the best part. So much of our life is spent here, we might as well make the most of it!


So if you are waiting for a promise, anticipating deliverance or just wallowing until whatevers next shows up…I challenge you to look God and be grateful for this season. He is making a masterpiece of you. Don’t waste this time between being anxious or bitter – choose the joy and soak it up. This is the best part. You are exactly where you need to be. Sit with God, cherish this time and let Him love on you and prepare you for what’s to come. Because the next milestone is ON THE WAY… the in between will be over before you know it.


With love,




 My mom shared with me a poem that fits so perfectly into this weeks post. Its called the Dash: Read it here (Thanks mom!)


Because fall is right around the corner…my mind immediately thinks APPLES. So this weekend I baked some apple cinnamon bread that is TO DIE FOR. and the best part? The recipe has you add in a layer of apples, cinnamon and brown sugar right IN BETWEEN two layers of batter. Total proof that the deliciousness is found in the in between. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “In the In Between

  1. This is so true. I love that you are embracing every season of your life knowing God has a bigger plan. I wish I could tell my teenage self this! Yes I believe life is lived in the in between. Great post!


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