It’s for your good.

So.. life happens. Everything is going smoothly and then BAM you get hit with a circumstance, reality, disappointment that feels like a major setback. God never said there wouldn’t be problems. But I always struggle with WHY. Why do we have to have the problems? Why do people have to die? Why cancer? Why breakups? Why lay offs?? I have asked God multiple times why in the world He lets me endure the trials I have had to endure, the failures I have had to experience, the stresses, worries, problems- whatever. I have often asked these questions without the expectation of a response because He is GOD and I am little ole me just ranting and raving and complaining.


But a few weeks ago I was sitting on my floor in tears this time earnestly seeking an answer to my “Why”. I couldn’t understand why what was happening was happening. It just didn’t seem fair, right or like it was part of His will. I knew what God said in His word and I knew what I should feel based on scripture but this time I wanted to hear directly from the Father himself. I wanted an answer. So I sat there on the floor in tears and lifted my head up and said:


“I am your daughter. Why would you let me go through this? Why are you allowing this? I am hurting. Do you not see I am HURTING? Enough is enough Lord. Why?”


And my earnest question was answered. He gently replied:


“Its for your good”


I didn’t understand (and still fully don’t…yet) how God is going to use my frustration, hurt and pain for my good and His glory but thats not my job. My job is to receive His promise in His word and what He was gracious enough to reiterate directly to my heart. Anything that happens to me will somehow end up being for my good. No tragedy, disappointment, or failure will be in vain. He will take ashes and make beauty every single time. (Isaiah 61:3)


So while I can’t tell you why you are going through what you’re going through, I can encourage you to keep going. It is for your good. It will somehow bring Glory to the Kingdom and you will end up victorious.


The lessons you are learning during the valleys and trials are to better you as a follower of Christ and to equip you to help other followers when they experience the same thing. These circumstances are what force us to lean on Jesus. I knew what the word said, I had read it before. But this situation brought me to my knees before my God  and led me to take my hurt right to Him in a real, raw and honest way. I let my guard down before Jesus and truly sought him. Our relationship grew in that moment because I saw that He was well aware of what was going on and He was in control and he ultimately had my best interest at heart. I saw that He knew what I was feeling and knew what was happening and was so ahead of it that He could tell me that though I couldn’t see it now…it was for my good. He was inviting me to trust Him despite how I felt and to stretch my faith just a little further to depend on Him when nothing was making sense.


 But..if the only good that comes from this trial is that I sought the Lord and He answered me, that will be enough. I have learned most importantly that when I call out to my Lord and earnestly seek Him, He will show up for me and that is the most beautiful lesson.


Keep your head up. It is all working out for your good.


with love,



4 thoughts on “It’s for your good.

  1. Lindsay, this is truly speaking to my heart this week!! My pastor at church just preached on this exact topic on Sunday. It was about experiencing tragedy and how we have the choice to turn our backs on Him or trust in Him and let the experience make us stronger. I am truly inspired by your testament here! I, too, have found myself in similar situations where I question His faithfulness to my needs, but He ALWAYS knows what’s best! And in time, we will come to see why! Love this and YOU girl!

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