1. Val Marie Paper Journals

I absolutely love Val Marie Paper journals. The Fresh Start journal is one of my personal favorites. It is designed to give you a fresh start in your prayer life and is complete with a prompt section to help you map out what to pray for. Strategic prayer helps us focus in on what areas of our lives need to be touched on often and these prompts ensure that you wont miss anything during your prayer time. It also includes a devotional section with a quote or verse. They are short and sweet to allow more time for reflection and prayer but man are they POWERFUL. If you or your loved one are new to journaling, are super busy or are looking for a fresh start—definitely grab any of her journals but especially the Fresh Start one. Plus they come in all sorts of beautiful colors.

  1. Haute Hope Gift Boxes

SAMSUNG CSCIf you are into conscious living and giving—look no further. These insanely gorgeous boxes are carefully curated to ensure that you give an ethical and beautiful gift. Jess, Founder of Haute Hope is currently running an incredible sale– so not only can you buy boxes full of chocolates, dish towels, notepads, candles and more…but you can get one(or more) at a discount. Each box is full of high quality gifts that give back to the world. Give a gift that gives back this holiday season.

  1. Tatiana Cabral Smith Jewelry

Processed with VSCO with j6 presetTatiana is a master jewelry maker. Her minimialist and dainty designs are ultra chic. I adore so many of her handmade pieces not just because they are made by the hands of a woman I adore but because they are all unique. Tatiana has a heart of gold and her jewelry is something you will want to check out. If you want to snag your gal pal some earrings or a ring she will want to wear everyday—START HERE.

  1. Bibles & Coffee

IMG_7212Having a bible is an essential part of Christian life. Reading it is too. But let’s be honest. It is way easier said than done. Bibles & Coffee is an incredible company that takes your bible and paints in with gorgeous designs or scriptures or both…essentially making your bible irresistible. Jackie has a huge heart for encouraging everyone to be in the word. In addition to painting bibles, she has totes, tumblers, and journals that all make for great gifts. Support this small business  and a woman I adore!

  1. Day Designer Planner

img_6466Add the Day Designer planner to the list of things I can’t live without. This incredible planner serves as a gratitude journal, provides a daily and monthly calendar and even provides weekly inspiration. It makes organization beautiful and practical. If you or a friend is in need of a strong organized start to 2017—snag one of these babies for them! They can be found at target or on

p.s. The Day designer website has free printables to help anyone get organized. There is even a holiday planning printable! Snag it!

  1. Salt & Glow

img_7169Salt & Glow is an Austrailia based beauty care company. Every product is natural and organic and is labled with a deeper message. Her products range from lip balms to body scrubs to a toner spray that I am absolutely obsessed with. Give someone an opportunity to pamper themselves with a product that is good for their skin and good for their soul. They are also huge supporters of an orphanage in Indonesia! Their entire So loved Range product lines go directly to support the orphanage. So give your friend a gift that also gives back!

By supporting one of these businesses, you are supporting Christian entrepreneurs that are on a mission to use their gifts for Gods Glory. Each of these women is remarkable in their own right and they would appreciate your support more than they could express. It is my sincere hope that if you find something from one of these businesses that you love, that youll buy it for yourself or someone you love. I hope we all shop with intention and give gifts that will leave a lasting impact.

with love,



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