My Favorite Reads from 2016

Seasons- Lucy Dazilma

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This short and sweet read gives you a deeper look into the thoughts of a 20 year old in bloom. Lucy says what we are all thinking, encourages us in those places we didn’t even know we needed to be encouraged in and challenges us in a way we often avoid. If you’re in your twenties– pick this up. This book will nudge you towards self reflection and growth in a  gentle and loving way.

Choosing Gratitude- Nancy Leigh DeMoss

gratitudeIf you’re struggling for any reason, this book will totally help shift your perspective. Nancy walks you through the importance of gratitude and how to cultivate it into every aspect of your life. Snag this beautiful read to find the beauty in every little area of your life!

Love Skip Jump- Shelene Bryan


If you’re in need of a little boost to do what God has asked you do it- this delightful book is IT. Shelene’s courage and insistence on being outside of her comfort zone is inspiring and challenging. Her stories about where God has taken her will be sure to stir your heart and propel you into your next adventure.


Fervent by Priscilla Shirer


Phew. Need to step your prayer life up? START HERE. Priscilla walks you through every possible topic you can cover in prayer and even equips you with sheets in the back to develop your own prayer strategy. This powerful book is based on the movie War Room (must see) and it does not disappoint!


The Meaning of Marriage- Timothy Keller


My sister recommended this book to me two years ago and I regret often that I didn’t read it instantly. This book is full of conviction. If you think you know what marriage is, double check yourself by reading this. It challenges our fairytale view of romance with a realistic, honest, raw and beautiful perspective on our most important union. Grab it- married or single. You need it.


5 Habits of a Woman Who Doesn’t Quit- Nicki Koziarz

If you are struggling with completing anything…whether thats a single workout or an overall lifestyle change…you should get this. Nicki is honest about her struggles and walks you through the importance of these challenges that seem to keep nagging us. If you want to go from quitting to completing- her honest advice and biblical counsel will leave you feeling equipped.


Present over Perfect – Shauna Niquest


If I were going to choose a favorite (which would be impossible) this would be very close to the top. Shauna helps us escape the need for business and doing for a more intentional, settled and full life. Reading this “let me off the hook” for this responsibilities I had no business taking and helped me to pursue a more intentional life without the guilt. Its a life changer for sure. READ IT!

Bittersweet- Shauna Niequest


Maybe I am her number one fan maybe I’m not. But either way- Bittersweet is exactly that. A beautiful collection of tragic, inspiring, encouraging and raw stories fit together to leave you feeling like you’ve made a new friend and that in the end, it’ll all be okay. Shauna touches on some of the tough subjects of life in a way that makes you feel okay diving into them too.


Battlefield of the Mind- Joyce Meyer


Joyce got my life together with this one. If you want to understand more about the actual battle that goes on between our minds and the enemy and God- start here. She really breaks down the importance of guarding our hearts and minds with the word of God. Joyce is tough on you in this book but you will come out a warrior for Christ after reading.


Prayer- Robert Foster


This one is for the advanced prayer! If you are curious about the different ways we can connect to God and experience Him then this is a great place to start. This book is written with such rich and beautiful language you will find yourself lost in the pages (atlas I did). I learned so much about so many different types of prayer and felt closer to God as I tried out so many of them.


Discerning the Voice of God- Priscilla Shirer


Queen Priscilla comes through again with this excellent book on how to know if God is really speaking to you. I found this gem when I first thought God was speaking to me and it cleared up so much confusion. Her bible based way of discerning His voice is essential to our relationship with Christ. Grab it!



I honestly do recommend all these books. Each author sowed into me in every page and I am eternally grateful for the way these books shaped my mind and perspective this year. I will carry these lessons into all my years to come.


What are you reading? Tell me!


with love,





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