First Things First

The passage below in Matthew, which begins in verse 25, is an encouragement and promise to us, that we have no reason to worry.
God tells us not to worry about our life- not what we will eat, drink or wear for the day. He reminds us, even the birds have what they need. Yet, we are much more valuable than them. (vs 25-32)
*deep sigh*. What a relief.
As much of a relief as this is…I can get in the habit of rattling off my list of needs and requests to God, during my quiet time. My prayer life can also look like a Christmas list or on harder days…a hand full of panicky complaints. I am quick to ask God for what I need in life and fortunately for me, He doesn’t mind. He tells us in His word, to ask for whatever we need in His name and we will receive it. 
But when I think of this promise, I can imagine what God might be thinking. When I am on my knees begging for this or asking Him to fix that, like He is my personal genie. Yes, He longs to do that for me and it is always His desire to answer prayers, that connect with His will. This scripture, gives us a glimpse of God’s truest desire…of what His heart longs for.
For us to seek HIM
To seek is an attempt to find.  God is asking us to find Him first, instead of seeing what He can do…first. When our hearts are solely after God, He delights all the more in showering us with gifts and blessings, beyond our comprehension.
When I consider these verses, I recognize it is God’s desired to be loved by us fully and wholly. God has a heart. He wants to be wanted by us. He longs to be the first thing we chase after, the first thing we long for, the first thing we need in every moment..the first thing we “worry” about not having. When He is sought after, we don’t have to worry about what we aren’t seeking. Because we come to know His heart, we become convinced that all we need is Him. Then, we see His hand already providing for the things we once pleaded for. 
Seek Him.
Pursue Jesus with everything you’ve got. Chase after His heart with reckless abandonment. Discover who He is. Get as close to Him as you can. Draw near.
We don’t have to worry when we pursue God first, because we know we have all we need in HIM. If we can just get to JESUS!
I encourage you to pray specifically and fervently always. But never forget…
first things first, we seek the LORD.
With Love,
“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”
Matthew 6:33


5 thoughts on “First Things First

  1. Lindsay, this is such a great post! I know many times my prayer life can turn into lists of things I need and want as well. I agree that I feel closest to God when I am seeking Him first!

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