She Didn’t Know

I have been going to church since I was a baby. I did the children’s church thing and knew enough “Christianese” to keep people from thinking I was an all out heathen. Truth be told, before my “big surrender”, I considered myself a Christian. If someone had asked me, I would’ve said “DUH! Jesus is my … More She Didn’t Know

The Woman I Want to Be

When we think about the biblical standard of being a godly woman, these are the most honorable names mentioned within our faith:  Mary Magdalene, Sarah, Ruth and our all time favorite, Esther.  These women were without a doubt extraordinary examples of sweet surrender. Their grace, poise, faith, patience and beauty qualifies them as honorable choices … More The Woman I Want to Be

The Response

Genesis 3:1-6 The serpent said the woman, “Did God really say?”… Not every question needs an answer.  What if there was a different version to this unforgettable story? Maybe we would all be living the perfect life with our perfect God if Eve would’ve never responded. Ever since this moment that redefined everything we now … More The Response

Walk With Me Again

Living out the day to day Christian life can feel…challenging at times.  Trying to balance reading our bibles, the newest devotional, church, small groups, prayer life, and then whatever else the world is throwing at us can feel nearly impossible at times. We are quick to turn our walk with Jesus into a competitive sport. Comparison can … More Walk With Me Again