The Response

Genesis 3:1-6

The serpent said the woman, “Did God really say?”…

Not every question needs an answer. 

What if there was a different version to this unforgettable story? Maybe we would all be living the perfect life with our perfect God if Eve would’ve never responded. Ever since this moment that redefined everything we now know today, the enemy is still defeating us with the same weapon he has used from the beginning.

Our response.

It all started with one simple question, “Did God really say?” The very thing the enemy wants us to doubt is God’s word. He baits us with the daily questioning of God’s faithfulness, provision, peace, love and trustworthiness. When we respond to his probing with our assumption, he affirms our uncertainty to lead us to unbelief.

Eve: “We may eat fruit from the trees in the garden, but God did say, ‘You must not eat fruit from the tree that is in the middle of the garden, and you must not touch it or you will die.”

The serpent: “You will certainly not die…”

Eve exposed herself when she responded. She invited herself into an unnecessary conversation that would, in moments, lead her to her own destruction. Her reply led her into her deception that included the fall of all of humanity.

As I wrestled with these few verses and (struggled with forgiving Eve for arguably the biggest mistake of all time). I realized that if I were Eve…I probably would’ve done THE SAME THING. Often times when I am asked a question I just…respond without thinking. But looking at the outcome of Eve’s story (huge fail) I am now realizing we can learn from Eve when it comes to overcoming the enemy, every day life and modeling Jesus.

The devil can only lie when we give him something to lie about.

  • We find ourselves in the most trouble when we engage in dialogue with things not of God: Fear, shame, temptation to disobey, lust, etc. When we let these uncertainties seep into our mind and justify them, we invite the enemy in to torment us in our weaknesses. That is where his deception begins. “Did God REALLY say wait until marriage?”; “Did God really forgive you for what you did to her after you repented?” When we fail to respond with the Word of God and Christ-like behavior, we become the devil’s foothold. But, when we disarm him by disregarding his invite to speak, we realize it is impossible to have a conversation with someone who won’t talk back.

Not every question deserves a response.

  • I have personally been wrestling with privacy versus secrecy in the last few months. What does that look like? Probably different for everyone. But one thing I have struggled with is giving people responses that they are not entitled to receive. When I answer questions regarding my personal life, I expose myself to their judgment, criticism and gossip. I have to be more discerning and careful with WHOSE questions I answer and HOW I answer them. You don’t have to explain yourself to those whose mind is already made up about you. If your choices are in line with the Word of God and His will for you, no explanation is needed. There is beauty in privacy and guarding our hearts in certain spaces. That is not to say we should be isolated and paranoid that everyone is untrustworthy. But we should seek the Lord,s wisdom and permission for who we can invite into certain spaces.

Jesus responded.

  • Jesus often responded to those who asked Him questions with ill intent.  We read about the parables and questions He used to disarm the Pharisees and people with no faith. He rarely answered questions directly about His identity and purpose. Jesus was wise to know the right time, right people and right space to reveal himself to. Our confidence in what God says is what empowers His work in and through us. It is not our response to others that strengthens our faith, it our response to Him that increases our faith. God always proves what is true and necessary for us in His timing. Let God be your defender and spokesperson to the enemy and others who intend to discredit your faith.

There is a little bit of Eve in all of us. Now that I understand that no response is a response, I can learn from Eve’s failure to protect myself from the enemy and our fallen world. My prayer is that we would be slow to speak, quick to listen and prayerful about everything before we react to anything.

With Love,



2 thoughts on “The Response

  1. Lindsay, so many things I would write in response of processing this. I’ve been doing a study of this exact encounter of the garden for the last 2 and a half years. I’ve explored so many different layers of her response or lack thereof. It was a pleasure reading your vantage point.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Liked by 1 person

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