Just Ask

Have you ever begged God for something? Like persistently? Like a puppy who really wants a treat? I have. I have asked God over and over again for some things. My sister has affectionately referred to me as God’s brat because there isn’t thing I won’t ask for.

But a few days ago I really needed a favor from someone I was afraid to ask. I didn’t trust anyone else to get the job done. Only this one person could do it. So I prayed and journaled and prayed “God pleaseeee let this person be willing to do this favor for me! Pleaseeee!!”

As the time neared for the task to be completed, I started to get anxious. “What if God doesn’t answer the prayer? What am I going to do??”

Ironically enough, a friend of mind was advising me on something totally unrelated and said “Don’t over think it”. Her simple instruction sort of slapped me in the face.

Was I over thinking this prayer request?? (hint: YES)

Why didn’t I just ask this person to do it? I am not really sure what I was waiting for. Maybe that God would nudge them to say “Linds, I totally want to do this random favor God told me was on your heart today!”—Totally possible. But also… I had the ability to put my faith to work.

So I sent the text (palms very sweaty) and the response? “I would love to!”


I wonder how many of our answered prayers are out their waiting for us to just…grab them? What if that pay-raise we have been begging for is in the response to an email we are too afraid to send? What if that reconciliation we are praying God would do is contingent upon us being the one to reach out? What if…what if all we had to do was ASK?

And then receive our answered prayer.

This makes me think about the book of Esther. Esther was a Jewish queen to a Persian King.  During her time as queen, a decree went out stating that all the jews were to be killed. Esther’s cousin Mordecai was so grieved and he begged Esther to do something about this seeing as she was married to the King. Esther at first, hesitated but eventually said okay. We will fast and pray and then I will go see the King and ask him. There is one big problem with going to see the king though. The rules were that if he didn’t summon you going to see him was pretty risky. HE would have to extend his scepter out to you, signaling that your presence was welcome. But if he didn’t, you would be killed. So Esther was taking a HUGE risk because the king hadn’t summoned her in a month. Nevertheless, the Jewish community fasted and prayed for three days for the Lord to save them. Esther too fasted and prayed. And when the three days were up she went to the king.  She looked her King in the face and asked him, gently, lovingly but boldly, to save her people.

& He AGREED.  Everyone was saved because she prayed, believed, and then ASKED.

Get bold. Be brave. Ask for what you need from the Lord and then, if you feel it in your heart, make your move. Sometimes God will ask us to be still & wait, but that is a different post for a different day (because nobody wants to talk about patience). But sometimes, He has our prayer already answered. We just have to go GET it.

What are you waiting for? Just ask.

with love,



p.s. The story of Esther is way juicer than I described. Go FEAST on it!!


p.p.s. This also made me think of the yogurt toast I made the other day! I was so hungry but had nothing to eat (which is never true but you know how it goes) and it wasnt until I GOT UP and looked in the fridge to see what I had that I came up with this yummy treat. I had food all along, I just had to go get it.


7 thoughts on “Just Ask

  1. Love this! “Get bold. Be brave. Ask for what you need from the Lord and then, if you feel it in your heart, make your move.” This simple reminder is everything I needed today. It’s something about getting bold that shakes us up and makes us want to run out of complacency. Thanks for this post!

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  2. This is how I was with my situation the other day. I was so hesitant to just ask that person a favor. I kept praying that she would say yes. And I called with my nerves going a hundred miles an hour and she said yes! Thank the Lord. He really is our strength and our bravery. Sometimes we just need to leap knowing he’s there right next to us.

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