The Faith Walk

Living out our faith is way easier said than done. It is so easy to believe when everything is all good. Your grades are up, your marriage is in tact, and your kids are sitting quietly in a corner reading a book. These are the good days. But oh y’all, how little faith they require from us. We get to see our real faith when our grades are slipping, that fight with our husband went way left real fast or our kids are actually trying to kill us.

“An untested faith is weak and ineffective. Just ike our muscles, our faith must be exercised against some resistance. The we face trials with wisdom and endure them with godly perseverance, we will find blessings we never thought possible”- Charles. F. Stanley

It is hard out here to hope against hope and believe in spite of. But the scriptures tell us to focus on Him and to look at the unseen and not the seen. (2 Corinthians 4:18)

It can feel like we are sinking sometimes. Absolutely drowning but there’s a story in the bible that very much confirms for us that we AREN’T.

In Matthew 14, we find Jesus walking on the water. The disciples thought that He was a ghost! He told them not to be afraid. Peter spoke up in vs. 28 and said “Lord, if it’s you”, “tell me to come to you on the water.” Jesus said “come”. So Peter got out of the boat and walked towards Jesus but when the wind started blowing…He started to SINK. He cried out for God to save him and Jesus reached down and caught Peter.

Peter was so ready! He saw God. He had the word. He had the faith. He stepped out. Peter was so brave. His eyes were fixed on Jesus.— this was the easy part. But then the storm came. The wind blew just a little too hard. Everything around Peter kept him from focusing on the very One who called Him out of the boat and he STARTED sinking..but we know for a fact that He didn’t drown. As his faith dwindled and he slipped below the water, Jesus was already there reaching down into the raging sea to pull him out.

Friend, we are NOT drowning. Even when we feel like it. Even when the storm is raging and the kids are crazy and the school work just does not make not sense. Even if it feels like at every turn we keep swallowing sea water and getting whipped around by the wind. We are not drowning.- He is reaching down in the water and pulling us up.

My prayer today is that we would grab His hand. That we would let Him save us daily as we walk with Him. That we would dive into the word and let its promises rescue our souls in those moments of undeniable despair, hopelessness and faithlessness.

All we need is mustard seed faith.

He is reaching for you. Reach back for Him beloved, He is not going to let you drown. Keep walking.

with love,



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