She get it from her Mama

I have learned a lot from my mom. The older I get, the more I realize how MUCH I’ve learned. Not from her necessarily teaching me (I am too stubborn for that…), but just from unintentional observation. I follow(ed) her around a lot and ended up picking up many of her traits. I make the same jokes as her, I have picked up the same shopping habits(help us Jesus!), and according to those who know us, I have picked up her good looks. I can only hope I have picked up her cheerful nature, encouraging spirit and naturally hopeful attitude. But the things I know for sure I got from her have to do primarily with faith.


She taught me to worship freely
  1. I have vivid memories of my mom praising God. This woman worships with her WHOLE heart. Whether its at her original church in a small town in Mississippi or in our home church in Atlanta, I could always find my mom with tears in her eyes, hands lifted (or playing a tambourine) and her heart singing out to God. Maybe even her feet dancing. I remember thinking as a little girl why she was always crying in church. But now I understand. And I have had more moments than I can count when my own hands are instinctively lifted and my own eyes are full of tears and my heart is singing out to God. I worship so freely because I watched her do it.
She taught me to value the bible
2.  My mom never went on a trip without her bible. And we went on ALOT of trips. Being an army family, we traveled quite a bit and visited neighboring states often. She used to always say, usually kneeling in front of her suitcase, “you never go anywhere without your Sword.” Again, I remember wondering why she was calling the bible a sword and why she insisted it be with us always. But now, when I am packing for a trip I grab my sword. I have studied Ephesians about the armor of God and I now get that she was goignto make sure that wherever we went and whatever we did we were covered and protected but the Word of God.


She taught me how to stand in faith
 3. My mom is not a quiet woman! She will scoff when she reads this but its true. She is bubbly and lively and full of jokes ALWAYS.  Oh but her faith. Her faith is so quiet yet so loud. I rarely ever see her truly fret over something. I rarely ever feel like something is getting the best of her. It is just not her nature to be defeated. She just believes- no matter what things look like, she just believes. She just believes that God is good, that He has a plan, and that its unfolding perfectly.  She believes in His immeasurable power and His unfailing love. I have watched her kneel night after night and get up without a single worry. Her authentic faith has taught me about the beauty in just KNOWING that God is God and nothing else can compare.


I am no where near the woman that my mother is. But I thank God every day for the beautiful example He gave me of what it really means to be a woman of God. It is because of her, that I am who I am.
My prayer today is that if you have a mother that you would see the best in her. That you would ask God to let her teach you and give you eyes to see He has put in her for you. If your mother is no longer with you, I pray that God would send you someone to stand in that space for you. That you wouldn’t feel left out or short-changed but know that God takes care of all of His children. And I also pray that we would appreciate and mimic our earthly examples and also look to the Word for what they cannot give us. Esther, Anna, Sarah, Rahab, Ruth, Mary, and even Eve. The bible gives us so much truth about biblical womanhood and how important we are to God. I am praying you have a blessed Mother’s day and feast well.


with love,



4 thoughts on “She get it from her Mama

  1. Thank you for sharing about your Mom. I took a picture of #3 I so want to get to that point one day🙂 I am 58 and asked the Lord into my heart when I was 12 but because of different fear’s I just have not surrendered/ fully trusted him with everything….getting there 🙏

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