Where did all my friends go?

Starting something new can be so exciting and so scary. But it seems like in the beginning everyone (or most people)are there cheering you on. When I first started The Faith Feast I had more support than I knew what to do with. I was encouraged and lifted up with every baby step I took to bring this thing to life. But in all honesty, the more I have stepped into it, the more I have experienced others falling away from it.

It is baffling to me. And if I am honest, painful.

Getting an unsubscribe notice or realizing someone close to you unfollowed you…sucks. I know, I know. It is silly, right? It is just instagram. My mom still reads (thanks mom) and so do you. And don’t get me wrong, YOU MATTER TO ME. Without a doubt. I LOVE to read your comments and prayer requests and little messages. But it doesn’t change the fact that some people I know personally have decided they wanted out of my dream, my current mission. People that once believed in me.

I find myself asking questions like “Did I do something wrong? have I said the wrong thing? Am I THAT annoying? Maybe I shouldn’t post about oatmeal much but I just love it.” And maybe I have, and maybe I do post about oatmeal too much. But the point is- the closer we get to what God has called to do the farther some people will get from us.

We see it with Jesus. With every step He took towards the cross, the less people He had around Him. The disciples fell away one by one. Some boldly denying Him and others just ducking out of the way trying to escape the chaos. Even the crowd who had gathered to watch Him die diminished over time. When He reached His God chosen destination (the cross), He had way less people than when He was cruising through town healing people.

But in all of this neglect and abandonment, lets not forget who WAS there. Mary and Mary Magdalene were there. They were there.

God will allow those who in the moment can’t be with us to fall away. But He will make sure we have someone there FOR us. He is just faithful like that. So rather than focus on the sting of who has opted out of this journey, I will thank God for each of you have stayed in it. It’s been so fun for me to collaborate, pray, and get to know you.

My prayer for you is that if you find yourself taking steps towards God’s call on your life and realize people are falling away that you would have the courage to let them go with GRACE. That you wouldn’t cling to things that aren’t for this season or harbor bitterness for who seemingly turned their back on you. I pray that you would trust God to bring the right people in and move the others out in the perfect time. I pray you would have the eyes to see that you ARE on the right path. Do not be discouraged- KEEP going, even if it feels like you are going alone.

He is always with you.

with love & gratitude,


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7 thoughts on “Where did all my friends go?

  1. Oh Lindsay! Such wisdom God gives you! Some friends are only here for a season. Sometimes to teach you something. Sometimes to stretch you. Sometimes for that pruning process God needs you to go through. But the ones who stay close are the ones you need the most. Love you Lindsay!

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  2. Thanks so much, Lindsay. Like THIS has me in tears, just to realize, YES, somebody else has felt this way. Somebody else gets it!

    My life is SO complicated right now with getting fired with no reason from a job at my church & basically having my community ripped out from under me for no apparent reason… I have felt so lost, but I’ve been clinging to these Truths that God is just protecting me from something there & in return allowing me to to step closer to whatever His purpose for my life is. This next step I’m taking involves moving away from the place that I’ve lived for over 10 years.. the place where I’ve finally begun to build community & find my place in the world.. God has increased my passion & the desires in my heart are growing.. but now He’s calling me to the last place on earth I ever imagined going – HOME. My hometown is amazing… but why? I know NO ONE here. I don’t have a church community, I don’t even know where to start. Living with my sister who I’ve never had a relationship with is going to be the most hard because she’s not a believer & her lifestyle is kind of completely opposite of mine.. but I cant afford to live on my own & I’m not gonna move in with my parents as a 31 year old, so…. yeah. I feel like God is taking me to the ONLY place on the world that I am unwilling to go AND I AM SO MAD ABOUT IT! But I am trying to trust Him & I am trying to remind myself that He must have something crazy big planned, but the fact that none of my “friends” seem to even care, just blows my mind. Like, I have to do this move alone & I am just struggling every day. It’s hard, Lindsay. It’s really hard. Where my friends at? Where’s my support at?

    I know I’m not alone & I know that God is with me, but it’s hard to feel like the community I once was involved in is moving on without me & has already forgotten about me in just two weeks. Here’s to praying for a new community in my hometown. I’m desperate for it, but more than that, I’m desperate for Jesus to fill my life in a way I’ve never experienced before.

    Sorry for venting in your comment section, but THANK YOU FOR THIS POST. I always admire your transparency.


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    1. Do not apologize!!! I am so sorry that you’re in such a…shift season. Those are the hardest. When everything around you is sort of upside down and topsy turvy…it can feel like you’ll never feel settled again. But you will. God is FAITHFUL. He will bring you new community, He will sustain you and encourage you every step of the way. Keep focusing on Him and those passions He has put in your heart. And also- be prepared to watch your sister turn her life around. You are with her for a reason. Stay true to who God has made you to be in this season. When you flourish, everything around you will to. LOVE YOU MEAN IT! Praying for you always love!


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