Mourn with those who Mourn

A dear friend of mine lost his father to cancer just a few short weeks ago. When I first heard the news of his decline, I went straight to prayer. I declared healing, I begged for more time, I asked God to just do SOMETHING. Anything. I couldn’t imagine my friend losing his father. Nor could I imagine the world without the bright light that his father was. But as I prayed and the days passed, it seemed like God was silent. I didn’t understand. This man was so wonderful. He just couldn’t die.

In the end, my friends father passed away peacefully. I understand that death is apart of life. But as I sat in the pew as my friend gave a powerful message about the beautiul way his father lived his life, I couldn’t help but ask God WHY.

Why my friends dad?
Why NOW?
Why this delightful, loving man?
Why was there no healing?
Why was there no miracle?
Why didn’t you come Jesus?

As I sat in that packed church, questioning why MY faithful God was in this moment appearing faithless, the story of Jesus and Lazarus came to mind.

Mary and Martha sent word to Jesus that his dear friend and their beloved brother Lazarus was ill. When the word got to Jesus He said “This illness does not lead to death. It is for the glory of God, so that the Son of God may be glorified through it.”

And then He stayed where he was for two whole days.
When he finally returned, Martha ran up to jesus and said “Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died”.

I can imagine the frustration, the desperation, the defeat that was in martha’s voice. This is how I felt. I wanted to scream out and say “God, if you had showed up, my friend would still have a father.”

Their conversation continued and Lazarus was resurrected. In this present day story however, nobody was resurrected. But I realized that for me, in my grieving process, my answer to my question was found a few scriptures above Martha’s words. It is vs 4. This illness did not lead to death. Although my friends father isn’t alive on earth he IS alive in heaven. And God did and will continue to get the glory. Do you know how I know that?

Because I left the funeral ready. Ready to step in and be the light that my friends father was to me. I left determined to live a God-honoring life full of joy and relentless love. That man inspired me beyond my wildest dreams. That right there friends IS the glory of God. When we take utter devastation and turn it into flourishing love. When we allow the life of another to propel us into loving others better, God gets the glory. Every. single. time.

My heart is broken. It has been since I got the news and will be for a while. But even in the midst of that I see that God was and is using the life of Mate Kovacevik to unleash a movement of love amongst us all.

It is okay to grieve. Scripture actually instructs us to do so. But God has his beloved soul. And the way we live our lives because of Mate will bring God the glory.

Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.
Romans 12:15

with love,



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