3 Tips For A Life Update

Most of out there have an iPhone or some device that requires updates, installations and other tech-y things to keep it running smoothly. Updates usually show up when the app/phone developers have realized there is a better way for the product to function. And we usually notice major changes to our device after we follow through with it until the finish.

For us iPhone users, we know how it works. There are a few requirements that go into executing a perfect software update.

1. We have to have space on our phones
2. It has to be fully charged or plugged up
3. The new software has to be installed

If these three boxes aren’t checked, your iPhone will let you know and request adjustments accordingly. The other day my phone as on 17%, with not enough memory left and was notifying me that the new software couldn’t be downloaded. sigh.

So as I cleaned out my selfie folder to make more room and found my charger, I started to think that we aren’t that much different than our iPhones.

We all need an update sometimes. We all need new wisdom, new revelation, new discernment, new grace, new peace and new mercy. We are all in need of a refilling of our spirits, renewing of our minds and a revival of the dead parts of our life. But sometimes we are clinging so tightly to the last season or update, we haven’t made room for the new.
We have to make room for what God has for us. Sometimes that means leaving behind a job before we feel ready. Or releasing resentment without an apology. Clearing out our schedules for more time to pray and hear God. Whatever it is, we have to make room. We have to clean out our lives and hearts just like we have to clean out the selfie folder.

We also need to be fully plugged into the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is what brings scripture alive. It’s what makes it make sense and feel like it was written for you in this exact moment. To receive the installation that God has for you, we have to be sensitive to His spirit. We have to be open to receive whatever He has for us. The Holy Spirit is who helps us know what to do with the information, revelation, scripture we have been given. He helps us discern action, timing, and truth. We need the Staying plugged into the spirit is what will give us enough juice to see us through the update and LIFE.

Once we have room and the Holy Spirit, we need to spend time installing. That comes in prayer, reading scripture or diving into that book you’ve been feeling nudged to read. We get the very revelation, wisdom, discernment we are asking for when we take the time to seek it. Don’t fill your empty space with the Bachelor or rice pudding (oddly specific reference that is clearly about myself lol). But let God dump His truth in you. Download all of his goodness and mercy right into your heart. Let the words He speaks to you take root in your heart and change the way you function. Let it work out the kinks and glitches that you have and…dare I say it, update you. (Had to do it).

Thats the whole point of an update. To change the way something works for the better. To refresh it and change it form the inside out. To give it a fresh look, feel and direction.

So I have to ask you friend if you feel like you are in need of an update: Are you making room? Are you plugged in to the spirit? Are you seeking Him out and receiving the download?

with love,


So since we had this nifty little three step post, i thought why not a three step recipe? PIZZA. Three Steps. LETS GO!


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