How to Evolve When Seasons Change

God spoke to me back in May and impressed this on my heart: don’t be afraid to evolve. I have mixed emotions about this because initially I thought to myself ‘why would I be afraid of evolving’? Isn’t that the goal to always be transforming into something new? To continually be growing and improving? (Type A personality over here!) But then when I really thought about it, I realized that evolving is not an easy process. Unfortunately, it does not look like a Cinderella story where you spin around and end up in a fancy dress because a sweet old lady has blessed you with the flick of her wand.


Evolving is the process of becoming and unbecoming simultaneously.


It begins with shedding who we used to be and releasing our preconceived notions about where we are going. It involves doing new things in a new way. It’s uncomfortable. We have the tendency to get comfortable when we get to a place where we understand what’s expected of us. Because when we know what’s expected of us, it’s easier to do it and measure success. However, when we are charting new territory, the expectations have yet to unfold and sometimes the end goal isn’t very clear. For example, look at Abraham in the Bible. Abraham was instructed to go into a new territory titled “there” without Lot. Where is there? Why can’t Lot come? Nobody knew, including Abraham. Only God knew where Abraham was going, who could come, what Abraham needed to get there, and what Abraham was to do when he arrived. This is what evolving looks like . It looks like going when God says go without being certain you have the tools, skills or capacity to do succeed while simultaneously releasing what God has said let go.


The process of evolving includes having the Lord bring up sin patterns or strongholds in our thinking that He is ready to change. We can’t go into a new season with an old mindset. (Mark 2:22). It is not an easy process and we all go through it. The Lord is going to show you things about your heart that you might not like or might not want to believe were actually there. But He does this because He loves us too much to let us stay the same. Sink into His grace and allow him to transform you. (Romans 12:2) His mercy will carry you through and condemnation will have no foothold in your life. (James 2:13) I know, trust me. None of this sounds fun, but this process is necessary to make us more like Christ. Getting real about sin is never a walk in the park, but we always come out of it better.


We have to let Him all the way in so He can bring us all the way out.



As we enter this new season I encourage you all to sit still before the Lord. Ask Him where He’s asking you to evolve, what to lay down and what new thing He desires to spring forth from you. I encourage you all to be flexible in this season and not get frustrated when you don’t hear anything or don’t understand. The Lord will make sure that you receive what you need to know and He will make sure that you have everything you need. (Phi. 4:19)


It can be easy to start to focus on the “how” of what God wants you to do, but just focus on the “who” and when you focus on the who, the how and the what eventually will become clear (Matthew 6:33).

So as the Lord evolves you into a new being in this new season, rest in His grace knowing that He has paved the way for you. He makes paths straight. He makes water in the wilderness and streams in the desert (Isaiah 43:19). He is faithful to complete the work that he started in you (Phil. 1:6). Continue to have a heart of surrender and yield to Him as He works in you and through you. We have nothing to be afraid of when God is leading the way, we know that we’re headed in the right direction.


Don’t be afraid to evolve.




With love,



You know what I thought of when I thought of evolving and moving into new seasons??? FALL. Despite the ABSURD 90 degree temps here in the Chi, I am already up to something in the kitchen. Oh you guessed it: SOUP SEASON. Yes indeed! I made this super easy Zuppa Toscana and I know you will LOVE IT. So if it is cooler in your neck of the woods, whip this tasty meal up and let it give you all the fall feels!


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