3 Tips for More Efficient Mornings

Waking up is hard to do. Especially when you have a full day. But we are called to run the race with endurance (Hebrews 12:1) and be diligent in our efforts (proverbs 13:4). The best way to get off to the right foot is to streamline and simplify your morning routine. The less brain power you have to use the more you’ll have for decisions later in the day.
Plan the night before
  • Before you leave work or when you wrap up your day, sit down with your planner, google calendar or whatever tool you use and schedule out the next day. Write down top three to dos, after workplans and anything else that is still lingering in your mind. This prevents you from waking up stressed and frazzled trying to remember all that has to be done. Take 15 mins and brain dump! Leave it at work/desk/wherever so that you know exactly what to do when you get to work.
Lay out your clothes
  • I know – its like throw back thursday with this one when mom used to have our OshKosh Bigosh stuff ready to roll each day. But it worked right? Choosing your outfit the night before can eliminate so much morning stress and MESS. Anyone else destroy their closet looking for that one pair of jeans?? Save yourself some trouble and find your earrings before bed and make sure that shirt is clean and ironed!
Pro tip: establish a uniform. Know that during the week you’re primarily sticking to button downs and denim or dresses to avoid the morning frenzy. Save the creative looks for weekend shenanigans.
Meal Prep
  • You can go all out for your meal prep and make your whole life easier but if you’re a beginner meal prepper- start with breakfast. I personally am a huge fan of muffins. Last week I made some DELICIOUS gluten free apple cinnamon muffins. I used a Jessica’s Natural Foods mix and just added apples and cinnamon. It was SO easy and the muffins were so soft and fluffy. They would’ve lasted me all week but I maybe at them all in one day. Point is- figure out what you love to eat in the AM and make it ahead if possible! Check the recipe page or some other great ideas!
The more God enlarges our territory, the more responsibility we have to manage it. Let’s not let our blessing slip away because we are not efficient with our time! We’ve got business to handle and big decisions to make every day. The sooner we simplify elsewhere the more productive we can be. Heres to living our best lives and to 5 more minutes of sleep(before we finally get up and pray).


Have a hack you want to share?? Comment below or shoot me an email! hello@thefaithfeast.com! I love hearing from you!



with love,





3 thoughts on “3 Tips for More Efficient Mornings

  1. love these tips! I’ve also found that in the grad school frenzy, the more checklists I keep all over my apartment the better. I keep one on both bathroom mirrors, in the kitchen, and in my bedroom that remind me to brush my teeth, wash my face, DON’T FORGET THAT LUNCH YOU PACKED!!, and to get in the Word for a few minutes each morning. Day Designer has a great morning/evening checklist freebie that I love!

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