Can I Do It?

 Are you qualified? Can you do it? Do you have the skills or the resume or the personality to really do that THING? Will you be successful in that? Are you ready? Is it time? 


Man. If I had a dollar every time these thoughts went through my brain about myself, I would be on a beach some where writing to you all from my balcony overlooking the ocean. *sigh*. But really, at some point in your walk with Christ we will eventually come up against something that seems beyond us. And the worst part is, we aren’t the only ones asking these questions.


Have you experienced it before? Friends asking if you really could do that scary thing and FINISH? Parents advising you to take smaller step because anymore and you’re sure to fail? Professors doubting if you’re actually qualified to be at the school? I hope you haven’t. But my gut says that everyone at some point in time has had someone else ask the very question they’ve been asking themselves -“Can I actually do this THING and be successful?”


It’s hard. It’s even harder when what you’re doing is stepping out in faith. Because God is faithful to give us only part of the story, am I right?? He oftentimes will only reveal to us the next step when we would rather have the whole map.  And that can make the people around you question. It’s natural. We tend to love a good plan with a secured outcome.


But faith isn’t the evidence of things we CAN see.

It is the evidence of things we CAN’T see. I know. Its HARD. Don’t be mad at me- I didn’t create faith! But faith is how we please God. So friend, if you’ve prayed, discerned, sought wise counsel and you know as best as you can that you have to step out in faith and do that thing that keeps nagging at your soul? DO IT!!  Do it wisely, do it gracefully and do it in His time. I have heard many times that He doesn’t call the qualified. He qualifies the called.


Remember these few things:

  • Just because people don’t agree or understand, doesn’t give you a free pass to argue. Scripture tells us to do our best to live at peace with everyone. (Heb 12:14)
  • You don’t have to answer when people they ask about why youre stepping out in faith. Discern for yourself the most respectful way to do this. But remember, not every question gets a response. (Nehemiah 2:12)
  • Be wise about who you share your leap of faith with. Not everyone can go on the journey with you. Sometimes privacy can serve to preserve.
  • Not all advice is good advice. Well meaning people will sow doubt and fear into your spirit. People will unintentionally direct you out of the will of God. Pray about everything. (Phillipians 4:6)
  • Remember what he spoke- You will face opposition. You will have your faith tested. You will want to quit. Remember what He told you to do and hold on to it. You’re going to need it. (Nehemiah 4)
  • When defining your success, use God Metrics. Often times, what the world calls failure, heaven sees as success. Know who you serve. (Romans 12:2)


It won’t be easy. But Jesus never promised us easy. He did promise us it would be worth it though. I can’t stress this enough – Be in prayer about your decisions. Seek wise Godly counsel. Get confirmation in His word, discern His timing, and then GO!


I believe in you. YOU can do this. And as my dear friend Whit says, “Someones transformation is waiting on your obedience”


with love,



When I think about stepping out in faith, I think about how often we do it with our legs shaking. It can be scary stuff. So it only made sense to include chicken thighs for this weeks post! Check out this yummy chicken thigh Recipe Here

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