Am I doing too much?

My friend over at Jessica’s Natural Foods sent over a TON of stuff and I was anxious to get at the chocolate chip cookie mix. I got to baking right away! I was in the zone…except I wasn’t.

I cracked TWO eggs right into the cookie mix even though the mix only required ONE. What made it worse though was that I totally didn’t realize it until the cookies were in the oven. Being the genius I am, I just pulled the pan back out, grabbed a spatula and tried to scoop the cookie dough back into the bowl. After some panicked research, the internet said I could remedy this double egg problem with just a little flour and nobody would know the difference. Well, maybe that was true, but because the cookies had been in the oven, the chocolate chips melted and my batter became a chocolatey brown instead of cookie brown.

So now I have this brown, double egged, over floured batter. Needless to say, the cookies came out like mini cakes but not  nearly as good.

One extra egg and it changed the entire consistency of the cookie.

I messed up. I added too much in and then tried to recover and made any even bigger mess.

It was so easy for me to just mindlessly add another egg. I didn’t even realize I was doing it until it was too late. It reminded me of all the times I have sad yes to things without really thinking it through.

Have you ever done that? In a recipe or in life? We have all heard the quote “Too much of anything isn’t good for you.”. Yet, I do it all the time. “Yes, I can do that at church and Yes I can be your best friend and Yes I can make that and show up here and pray for this and read that.” See the trend? They are all good things. Serving at church, being a good friend, showing up for people, praying, reading- all good. But just like recipes, sometimes our life can’t actually handle one more thing.

So before you add one more thing to your plate, ask yourself if your life can actually handle it. If you add one more friend, can you still serve the ones you have the way God has called you to? If you serve an extra Sunday a month can you still do it with the same heart? If you make a commitment, can you follow through with it? Our life ingredients are a lot like our cooking ingredients:

More isn’t always better.

What’s your extra egg that has the potential to throw everything else off? The thing that seems harmless but could really mess things up?

My prayer for you is that you would be flooded with discernment over every yes and every no. I am praying that you would have the courage to decline things lovingly. It is not easy.  People will not always agree. You may not even agree with what God tells you to say no to. But lets all learn from a simple cookie mix and an extra egg: More is often too much.

with love,


When I was looking for a scripture for this post, I couldn’t find one that really resonated. But I realize that Jesus lived this out so well. He chose his friends wisely, He kept His focus on His mission, and He was persistent on reaching His destination. He didn’t get distracted or stray from His calling. He didn’t shy away from His boundaries. He spent time alone and He declined invitations. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! Comment and let me know!






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