5 Books That Make Epic Christmas Gifts

Please note: the post contains affiliate links.
I dont know about you, but I personally love getting books under the Christmas tree! Call me a nerd, but a new read gets me excited. I have listed 5 books that I think would make a great gift to a friend, a sister or a loved one. And frankly, they could also be on YOUR Christmas list if you still make one like me. These five books are packed with honest biblical wisdom that we can all use. If you find yourself desiring the whole list, feel free to forward it to your mom, husband, BFF or whoever your designated Santa is!
22 by Allison Trowbridge
  • This one is great for the recent grad or soon to be recent grad and even those a few  years out. Allie weaves a story of courage, self discovery and utter dependence on God. I read this book 5 years out of college and was inspired, challenged and strengthened. Grab this for the friend or loved one who needs to be reminded that she can and she will live a life that she desires.
She’s Still There by Chrystal Evans Hurst
  • At one point or another, we all find ourselves lost. Maybe after that baby or after the dream job or maybe even in the midst of something wonderful. Chrystal guides us through how to get back to the core of who God made us to be. She helps us choose our God given dreams and revives our faith in what He can do. This is for anyone at any age ready for a reset and a fresh start.
The Finishing School – Valerie Woerner
  • If you’ve read all the books, watched all the sermons, hired the life coach and done all of the things, but you’re still the same: grab this one. Val is transparent about her personal struggles and failings and how she has learned to persevere and use all she’s learned to continually evolve. This book is practical, concise and thoughtfully crafted. Get this for they Type A or Type B person desperate to implement long lasting change.
The Meaning of Marriage– Timothy Keller
  • This season is full of budding relationships, engagements and even celebrations of anniversaries. If you (like me) are surrounded by married people or people who desire to be married, get this book for them. It is undoubtedly for the single person, the engaged person, the newlywed and the wedded couple years in. Tim Keller is brutally honest about the reality of marriage, yet he is gracious in His explanation of how God can grow us in our unions. Its an honest, biblical, realistic read that is nothing but hard core truth!
One Thousand Gifts– Ann Voskamp
  • While many people are overwhelmed with joy during the holiday seasons many are bogged down with stress of family invading their houses, last minute gift shopping, and wrapping up the year. And on a tougher note, many are burdened by grief as they long for loved ones who have strayed or since passed on. 1000 Gifts is a gently written book that leads us back to the place of hopeful expectancy rooted in gratitude. She reminds us of all He has done and how He can be found in the simplest of things. I recommend this for anyone and everyone: those in vineyards and those in wildernesses can benefit from this.
I don’t recommend a book I don’t absolutely LOVE. Whether you grab one or grab all– I definitely believe that they are worth reading. Share this as your Christmas list to your loved ones or bless someone else with an intentional gift that will have lasting impact.
With love,
P.S. try out this five ingredient pizza that is sure to BLOW YOUR MIND. Just like these books!



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