2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Friends, I am so excited for this years Gift Guide. Truthfully, I wanted to have this to you like THREE weeks ago but hey- better late than never right?? Lots of these brands you’ve heard of before if you’ve been following me for more than five mins! But a few may be new so make sure you check them all out and FEAST!

  1. Tatiana Cabral Smith Jewelry

    Photo cred: TCS website

Tatiana is an incredible woman of faith who makes gorgeous handmade jewelry. I have been sporting the earrings and ring she made me every day since they arrived. (That makes over a year for the ring!) Her jewelry is chic, thoughtful, and durable. Take your wardrobe to the next level with her simple but stunning jewelry. And while you’re at it- Save  10%  when you shop with code: faithfeast10 p.s. did you know a portion of her sales go to support a village in Africa?!

2. Bibles & Coffee

photo cred: B&C website

First things first, Jackie of Bibles and Coffee just got ENGAGED! So congrats to this sweet friend of mine! Jackie is the one who hand-paints bibles for people all around the world- she is AMAZING. But in case you didn’t know, she also has bible tabs, t-shirts and other must have accessories in her shop. And since she announced her v exciting engagement, she is also selling GORGEOUS wooden signs and has dedicated the proceeds to her dream wedding!


3. My Hype Book

From MHB website

Toni Purry- founder of the infamous My Hype Book is changing the way we do biz with this thoughtful, innovative and challenging journal. Toni created the ultimate guide to building your confidence through this guided journal. Take a walk down memory lane and when you’re done you’ll have a collection of all the wonderful things that make you YOU and the confidence to keep being awesome. I recommend this one for the woman (or man) in your life that is in transition, in a rut or about to launch into something new!

4. Day Designer Planner

Photo Cred: Erin Channel

If I could write a love letter to Whitney English explaining to her how much I love the planners she designed (without sounding creepy) I WOULD. I have two answers when people ask me how I survive law school with a blog, a social life and blah blah blah. JESUS AND A DAY DESIGNER. This carefully crafted planner ideal for the person desperate for some order and structor in their chaotic schedule. Like any planner, it will only work if you do- but this one makes working not so bad! With special spots for tasks, every day life and even gratitude- its an all in one personal assistant- minus the person. But the nice quotes on the top of each day make up for ;). Grab it if you are ready to hit 2018 RUNNING. 

5. Alice & Wonder Boutique

Photo cred: Iron & Honey

Remember that time someone was crazy enough to let me model…on TV?! Well if you haven’t already perused her online boutique- get on it. This adorable shop has everything you need: winter sweaters, Christmas party attire, and even stocking stuffers. I highly recommend this boutique for any of you girls out there who love to have fun and love to show that off in your style. Plus- how can you not love their owner Ali?? She’s a riot!


6. Haute Hope

From HH website

The owner of this amazing company is my sister! Jess has created a movement of carefully curated gift boxes that not only make ya feel good but also DO good. Can I get an amen?? If you have some company gifts you want to send- these make phenomenal presents. They arrive in beautiful packaging and there is even a box with WINE. Oh and if you’re wondering what to get your in-laws– One of these boxes will def get you extra points. And because we’re sisters- I snagged you all the family discount: get 10% off with code faithfeast10 (p.s. the box with wine is through a partnership so no discounts on that- sorry!)


7. Val Marie Paper

photo cred: Val Marie Paper website

Can we even get through one day without talking about Val Marie Paper?!?! NO- THE ANSWER IS NO. Her book and prayer journals have RADICALLY changed how I do this faith life. (I just recently ordered her yearly journal and literally check the mail every day to see if it has arrived.) She has created so many journals that can help with every aspect of life. If you’re trying to start 2018 with a bang and really double down on prayer- start here. Promise you won’t regret it. P.s. did you  know a portion of sales go to support children in Haiti?


8. Wholeheartedly Devotional and journal

DSC_3539_31b81afe-c0a4-4972-8f9b-5ffc6bb78bf6_980x(photo from Natalie’s website)

All my single ladies– Don’t even sweat my pet. You have not been left out this year by any means! Our friend Natalie has created a new and improved version of the ONLY singles devo I have ever loved. AND THEN SHE MADE A JOURNAL TO GO WITH IT. I could not be more excited for this duo of a deal right here. Natalie is intentional and thoughtful with everything she creates and her heart for singles is truly appreciated. Grab this for yourself or a friend who you know would LOVE it.

Happy shopping!


with love,




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