Can we do it?

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. It has truly been wonderful to rest, relax and be refreshed back home in Georgia. I have been thinking a lot about 2017 and 2018. Doing lots of reflection over the last year and preparing for the year to come. This year has been full of many wild blessings. Many I couldn’t plan for and even more I had only begun to pray for. God is so crazy faithful. This year also had a few lows with the passing of my grandmother and a few challenges that just come as life goes on. But overall I am grateful. Grateful for everything God did this year.
But before we leave 2017, forgive people. Really forgive people. Let go of the hurts of this year. Forgive yourself for the times you came up short. And don’t be afraid to repent. Don’t be afraid to call someone and say “I’m sorry”. It is not too late to reconcile and offer up repentance to someone and/or to God. If you have an opportunity to give, give. Bless someone close to you or even someone you don’t know. Pay for someone’s coffee or sit next to someone new at church. If you owe someone money, bless them and pay it back. Even if you don’t think the need it. Compliment someone authentically. Extend genuine gratitude. Tie up any loose ends to the best of your ability so you can go into 2018 with a clear mind and a clear heart. & then pray and seek the Lord for what His plan is for 2018 for YOU.
For 2018, I want us to set ambitious goals. To write out dreams we have only ever thought to ourselves. To pursue excellence unapologetically, to love wholeheartedly without fear and to give from a place of abundance, not scarcity. I really want us to go into 2018 with our heads held high and our hearts clean. I want us to joyfully follow His leading and celebrate every win and loss we experience this year. I want us to strive for discipline, not to check boxes but to experience the fruitfulness that comes with following through with our commitments. I want us to boldly own our junk and bask in His grace every step of the way. I want us to be gracious, merciful and loving to those who look like us and especially to those who don’t. I want us to disagree without condemning. I want us to choose our words wisely and lead with unrelenting love. I want us to change the way pre-believers see Christians, one act of love at a time.
Can we do that? Can we commit to a year of more love, more light, and more Jesus? Can we lay down our own personal agendas, politics, opinions, judgments, and standards and yield only to the Kings? Can we be even more selfless, more honest,more gracious, and more grateful? I think we can. One day at a time.
Merry Christmas & Happy New year.
with love,

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