It is hard to believe that two years ago today I was baptized. It feels like just yesterday and a distant memory all at once. My baptism was such a special day for me. My mom told us when we were little that being baptized was our choice and we could do it whenever we were ready. And on January 24, 2016- I WAS READY. After some major life changes, I knew that I wanted nothing more than to confess publicly that I had chosen Jesus Christ as my Savior.

The last two years have been hard, messy, amazing, fruitful, wild, and everything in between. Here’s what I have learned so far:

  1. The bible is your most important tool. It is a perfect romance letter written just to you. And it is absolutely FLAWLESS. If you find something wrong with the bible, there’s nothing wrong with the bible. There is something wrong with YOU.
  2. You can’t do this faith walk without community. You need prayer, accountability, to listen to God for you, to battle the devil for you and to lift you up when you’re down. With that being said, seasons of solitude are often necessary. Trust the Lord through this.
  3. You need a LOT of patience. Things don’t always happen right when you think they should. God’s process timeline is often different than ours.
  4. You need to pray for discernment. Understanding the ways of an infinite God is nearly impossible but the Holy Spirit helps us. We need discernment to know what is of Him and what is not.
  5. Not everyone gets to go with you. Some people have to stay behind in a previous season. Trust the Lord that separation is a necessary part of elevation. If you dont separate, you may end up having to sever. And severing hurts way worse than separation.
  6. You have more gifts than you realize. Allow God to develop those in you in His own time and HIs own way. Don’t rush the process.
  7. Prayer is an essential part of your relationship with God.  Always pray relationally not transactionally.
  8. God is a being that desires to be loved. Be loved and love him back.
  9. The more you get involved with church the better church is.
  10. The closer you get to God, the more warfare you experience. Read Ephesians 6 and put on your armor your God. Fight for your joy. Never let the devil win.
  11. You will face fear, but you are more than a conqueror in Him. Push past is. ON the other side of fear is Gods faithfulness.
  12. You have to be ok with getting it wrong. As you learn to navigate God’s ways and hearing His voice, you are likely going to fail. His grace is sufficient for these moments.
  13. You have to learn to trust that other people are in process too. Give people room to evolve. Leave the heart changing up to God and just love them.
  14. Get ready for crazy faith moves. God will ask you to do things that don’t make sense and put you out of your comfort zone. Do them anyways.
  15. Sometimes the things you are praying for can become idols. Be mindful of when you are praying from a place of surrender or from a place of selfishness.
  16. Faith doesn’t make everything go your way. Somethings are just not for you. A no from God is just as good as yes from God if you trust Him.
  17. Not everyone will be supportive of your decision to follow Jesus. Do you- regardless of the pushback.
  18. Be prepared to repent often. Once you get close to the holy spirit, you start to see yourself for who you REALLY are. This is not always fun. Don’t let shame take over. Let conviction bring you to repentance.
  19. Not everyone will be convicted about what you want when you want. Have grace for people who are not always forthcoming with their repentance. People probably had grace for you before you figured out you were a mess.
  20. There is always something to learn. No matter what you think you have figured out, God has something new to show you. Stay humble.
  21. Obedience really does matter. Show Him you can be trusted with the small things so he can trust you with the big things.
  22. Once you’ve consecrated yourself to Christ, certain behaviors have to go. Even if they are convenient, even if they feel nice, even if you everyone around you condones it. Pre-beleivers are watching. Don’t ruin your witness because your behavior doesn’t match your words.
  23. Don’t forget to reach back and pull someone along. Your testimony matters. Your story can revive someones faith and refresh their spirit. Don’t be shy about it.
  24. Never forget how you felt when you first started this journey. 

I would love to hear which one of these resonated with you or your baptism story! Thank you all for your continued support.


with love,




2 thoughts on “24 THINGS I LEARNED IN 24 MONTHS

  1. My favorite: “Get ready for crazy faith moves. God will ask you to do things that don’t make sense and put you out of your comfort zone. Do them anyways.” This is an amazing list! My second favorite was the part about letting the things we pray for become idols. Love it 💕

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