The Vision: Part One

I figured if I am really going to give you all a recap of the event, I should start at the beginning.  I knew gatherings were something God wanted me to do but it probably wasn’t until last April or May that I knew- it was time to really start thinking about it. I knew I was in a place where I was whole, full and ready to take on this (at the time vague) vision God had given me.

I knew I was to sort of just “sit” on this vision for a while. And then as Fall rolled around, I began seeing messages from pastors and speakers about “birthing”. I would call my sister each time and say “its a birthing season and I am so excited but I have no idea what I am birthing!!!” She humored me as I pressed into this word- knowing in my gut it was FOR me even if I didnt know for WHAT. I was careful to take notes as they dropped nuggets of wisdom not knowing how much I would need them later down the road.

During this time that I am being inundated with messages about “birthing a vision/promise” ,  the Lord began to speak to me about timing. He spoke to me about process and how we cannot birth things before its time. We cannot give up on the vision He has given us or lose focus just because things are taking a while. We cannot rush a baby out of its womb- it comes in its its ready. He had me diving into Sarah and Abrahams story and pressing into Nehemiah’s plan before rebuilding the wall.



I was learning about “process” and I didnt even know I was IN process. I had no idea that I was carrying what people often refer to as a “spiritual baby”. When God plants a vision in you its like conception. Then there is probably a time where you dont even know you are pregnant! Then a waiting…and then some pain. and then BIRTH. All you mamas out there are probably like WE KNOW-dont remind us Linds! But us pre-mamas, need to understand this process too, from a spiritual perspective.

Because the truth is, everything God does has a Process. Every vision or promise He gives you has a timeline attached to it. Even the *suddenly* blessings have a process. And God was teaching me about process while I was IN process. While this is all happening, my vision for the event is growing, just like a real baby. He gave me a date and I stuck to it even when people told me I’m bold (read:crazy) for having an event in the middle of January in Chicago. He gave me a number: 25 women. no more no less. He blessed me with a gorgeous venue that was an absolute GIFT. He told me we would worship and said Erin was supposed to lead. One thing at a time things started to come together…

If you are still wondering why I am telling you this part and what it has to do with the event let me break it down for you.

Friend, this part is JUST as important as what happened on Saturday. Our tendency is to rush to the “HOW WAS IT WHAT HAPPENED HOW WAS THE FOOD?!” But there was SO much MORE that is worth sharing. This part is where God was cultivating in me a heart for each of the women there. Where He was teaching me how to prepare for kingdom work in front of people and not behind a screen. Where He was pruning me and digging up roots in me that had the potential to choke out the vision He placed in me. I experienced a lot of solitude in this phase. It wasn’t lonely, but it was…introspective. Which isnt always easy. But I KNOW that had I not sat still, listened for HIs instructions and stayed under the cloud, I could have tanked this whole thing.

I had no idea this event is what I would be birthing in this season. (In retrospect I definitely should have caught on lol!) But I am writing you to let you know that if you are in this phase and maybe you don’t know what you are birthing- it is okay. DO NOT RUSH IT. Sit with it. Listen to the Lord. Stay under the cloud. If He isnt saying anything about it, don’t jump ahead. Nurture this vision with HIs guidance. Let it grow in His time. Because as you will see in the posts to come, the process is always worth it.


with love,



Some amazing brands supported us on our big day! Check them out and show them some love!

Simple Mills sent over their delicious mixes to make sure we had some gluten free muffins!
Jessica’s Natural Foods Sent over gluten free Granola for EVERY VIP Guest!

2 thoughts on “The Vision: Part One

  1. Thank you for sharing this testimony. It spoke to me and encouraged me in so many levels. As I read it I could hear the verse in the bible that says “And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one”. I love how God is using this medium to connect believers.

    I too went through a similar process all of last year, It was amazing to read the synchronicity of the messages that the Spirit was talking to me and clearly you sometimes. I spend most of the time studying Nehemiah, praying over time and asking the Lord to help me number my days and understand the concept of his timing. Hearing about birthing which he has been speaking to me about since 2014 and not understanding the fullness of his message. This fall falling into depression because of a lack of understanding that the Lord was calling me to a time of rest and solitude so I could tune in and receive from him. This year has been a relearning of everything that I missed last year and a witnessing of all the things that God was doing underneath the surface that I was not aware of. Reading your post this morning was another drop in my encouragement bucket to trust the process, rest!

    Thank you.


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