The Planning: Part Two

I have never planned a real event before. I had a Christmas party once and twice I had some friends over for what I called “Pancakes and Prayer”. But I had never planned an event. When I first started, people kept asking me questions about the details and I had no answers. They offered to help and I wondered…with what? There so many new things to learn in this season of planning and I got to experience God in a whole new way.

First, I learned that you have to stick to God’s vision. This was not easy for me as many people, including trusted advisors, had great ideas of what and how and why I should do things. They had great intentions, and even great ideas but if it didn’t line up with what God had put in my heart, I couldn’t do it. That meant turning down things for the gift bags that I didn’t think the women would really want. Or going with my own plan for the food even though the other options looked enticing. But at the end of the day, I kept having to remind myself that this was God’s thing- NOT MINE. And I had to guard it accordingly.

Second, I learned that it is okay to ask. During the time I was reaching out to these brands, I was reading in Nehemiah where He asked the King if He could rebuild the wall. In this story, the king was so willing to give Nehemiah WHATEVER He needed to get the job done. God put the desire in Nehemiah’s heart to rebuild the wall, so all Nehemiah had to do was go ASK. I was nervous, if I’m being honest. We are a mighty tribe, but we are small in comparison to others and I often wondered if these brands would even consider contributing to this event. It was the first of its kind with no proof it would be remotely successful. But I asked in faith and they came through. On top of that, As I mentioned in my previous post, the space where we had the event was free. In true God fashion, the reason they have  this space is because God gave them a vision that it would be used to host gatherings just like the one I had. ONLY GOD. Where God sends, He most definitely provides. There was nothing about this event that God did not take care of. He was absolutely Jehovah Jireh.

Lastly, I learned that you just have to GO. I was sitting in my parents living room fretting over the eventbrite graphic and asking my mom to re-read my event description and panicking because ANXIETY IS REAL. Doubt was trying to rise up in me. “You can’t host this event, nobody is going to come. who do you think you are?? This is going to be a huge flop you might as well not even share this”. (The enemy is so RUDE.) But I had to just hit publish. I had to just upload the post to instagram. I had to reach out to friends and let them know it was TIME. When God says go, GO. In this process, I learned a a lot about myself. I came face to face with where the approval and opinions of others had become an idol. I also had to LET GO of what my version of success was. Throughout the whole planning process, I had to remind myself that this is God’s baby and what He wants to do with He will do. I am just the vessel and IT IS NOT ABOUT ME. (UGH).


When God gives you a vision, follow His directives, Ask for what you need, trust that He will provide and just GO. When God gives you the green light, nothing can stop you. Not even the enemy(more on this next week in part three: the warfare). I hope you know that whatever God put in your heart to do is worth birthing. It is worth the risk of looking dumb or having nobody show up. Think about Mary. She was pregnant with the BIGGEST gift the world has ever seen…when she was basically a teenager and was definitely a virgin. I am sure she wondered: “What will people say?? What will Joseph think? Am I qualified to do what this Angel is telling me I have been set apart for”? But Mary did it. Mary answered YES to the call on her life. And it made all the difference. You never know what God can do with a faithful yes. If He is nudging you, GO. ok?

with love,



In other news…


I am on a mission to become HOSPITABLE! Everyones invited! Well, not really because we don’t all live in the same space. BUT, you are invited to partake in what I am serving as I have these guests over. Check out what is on the menu for my next guest!


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