The Warfare: Part Three

I’ve been thinking about how to write about spiritual warfare without freaking you out but also leaving you feeling equipped after reading. I can’t do it without the Holy Spirit so my prayer is that He gives me words and you get what you need. If you already know about warfare, skip down to read about how the devil attacked me before the faith feast gathering.
1. So first it’s important to understand what I mean when I say warfare. We have an enemy. He used to be an angel but when he started acting crazy and wanting to get glory and praise, God has to shut it down. Lucifer, wasn’t thrilled another this and rallied up some of his other angels and bounced to hell where a God sent them. (Isaiah 14:13-14)  Thus born: our adversary, the devil, Sagan- THE ENEMY. His mission? To steal, kill and destroy EVERYTHING. (John 10:10)
Second, it’s important for you to know: you already have victory in Christ. (1 corinthians 15:57) What Jesus did on the cross is more powerful than any scheme of Satan. This is so important because while the enemy is real, He’s also ALREADY LOST. Which means you fight FROM victory not FOR victory. Which means even when He is stealing, killing, and destroying, you don’t have to live defeated. Because you JESUS. Got it? (John 10:10)
Third, here’s still a battle though. Our battle is not flesh and blood but it’s of the spirit. (ephesians 6:12)What does that mean? That means that we can fight in prayer rather than without words. That means that much of what we see here on earth that breaks our hearts is really a reflection of what’s happening in the spirit realm: The war between good and evil.
How do I fight? You fight by putting on the FULL armor of God. (Ephesians 6:10-18) You fight by taking every thought captive and bringing into obedience to Christ. You fight by choosing faith over fear.(2 timothy 1:7)  By hoping in the face of despair. By believing that when Jesus said IT IS FINISHED: HE MEANT IT. You fight by praying for discernment to recognize where the enemy is meddling, wisdom to know how to handle it, and faith toDO something about it.
The Gathering Warfare
So now that you’ve got that down, I want to tell you briefly about the warfare around the faith feast gathering. I was warned that anytime you make moves for God, the devil gets mad. I understood that but what I didn’t understand was how targeted the attacks would be. I went into the event planning KNOWING it was Gods instruction so I didn’t worry about it actually coming to fruition or at least a few people showing up. But in that peace, I didn’t really think about how the devil would try to steal, kill and destroy ME leading up to it.
It started off with me somehow shipping packages to the wrong place? I was like ok, maybe that’s me and not the devil. Until I’d arrive and they’d say “sorry can’t find it”. Uhhh no bro, my package is HERE. Amazon said so. I found myself feeling so anxious and having to CHOOSE to stay calm and stand in faith. It was GOING to work out. A little delay is not going to stop anything.
…And then some things other people shipped… Didn’t get scanned. Or were later than planned. Still breathing at this point and staying calm. A few days out, things started to ramp up. A ten minute uber turned into 30 mins somehow putting me incredibly behind. Women started cancelling because of horrific and tragic family emergencies. The morning of I almost got ROBBED while at the grocery store. But here’s what stood TRUE: no weapon formed against myself or the women prospered.
The Devils real goal with me personally was to get me so worked up that I didn’t do this event with JOY.
And I almost let him win. The delays, the cancellations, the worry over my friends, the panic of almost being robbed, the constant delays almost took me out mentally. Can you imagine what it would’ve been like for these women to walk Into what’s supposed to be a safe and loving space and me, their leader for the day, was CRANKY?! Disheveled? Ok. Flustered? Doable. But in a BAD MOOD?!? FAIL.
One of the fruits of the spirit is JOY. In order to do this well, in order to make this experience enjoyable for my incredible friends who worked their butts off to make this happen and the guests who took time out to be there, I had to have JOY.
Heres the thing friend, he’s after your joy every day.  Big event, or typical day. He wants that joy because without it, your light is dim. And if your light is dim, how will people see  Jesus in you?? And why would they WANT Jesus if your life with Him lacks joy? Guard your heart beloved. Remember the joy of the Lord IS your strength.(Nehemiah 8:10) And it’s a CHOICE to remember that. It’s a choice to fight for joy when eve thing around you is saying complain, panic, sulk, or quit. But it’s a fight you’re EQUIPPED for (Romans 8:37). And on the days you feel less than equipped, know that your people, this community, and the Holy Spirit himself is standing in the gap for you. Love you immensely.

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