The Gathering: Part Four

Power. When I started to pray over what the Lord wanted me to talk about at the faith feast gathering it was POWER. Initially this excited me because I love the idea of women standing form in the Christ given power in all aspects of life. But then I started to realize this could get…messy and hard. Power brings up alot of feelings for us. With #MeToo exposing where power has been abused and the feminist movement telling us all about where we get our power from, the conversations around power are PLENTY.

But as I started praying over the topic I realized our American view of power doesn’t line up with Scripture. In Zechariah, the Lord says “not by might, not by power, but by my spirit” to describe how we should handle things. This puzzled me initially, especially the “not by power part” because in 2 Timothy 1:7 He says “God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, of love and of sound mind”. So I looked at these two scriptures one saying not to do it by power and the other saying I was given a spirit of power.

Contradiction? Appears so at first glance but if you look closely they actually say the same thing. God tells us in Zechariah that we are to do everything by HIS spirit and in 2 Timothy we are told that HIs spirit is a spirit of POWER. So what type of power is God referring to in Zechariah? Ours. Our puny little human power. The one we so want to use to control everything, assert our authority with and pretend like we have it all together through.

God says this power? It is no good. Only His power is worth anything at all. And He PROVES it in Judges 6 & 7. Gideon is a man living in an oppressed Israel. He is a judge but since they are under the rule of the Midianites, he is working in the wheat fields. Gideon was approached by an Angel unexpectedly and the Angel tells Gideon that God is going to deliver them from the Midianites. Gideon is like well…seee…we are the weakest…and I am the weakest in my Fathers house so I dont know about this. But the angel Insists that they can do it. After some testing, Gideon and the Angel establish his authenticity and Gideon agrees to take on the Midianites with his 32,000 men.

God had a different idea of how this battle would look though. He didn’t want anyone to believe that they had any chance at winning this battle so he had army cut down by…22,000…on purpose. But He didnt stop there…He cut the army down AGAIN until only 300 men were left. So just to make sure you’re following: They were weak to begin with, with a weak leader and then they went from 32,000 to 300 men. This isn’t looking good…

When the time came for the battle, God instructed the 300 men to take trumpets and torches? Yes. No weapons. (Anyone else biting their nails yet?! This is stressful.) So every man grabbed their trumpet and their torches and they snuck into enemy round in the dead of the night. Their game plan was to blow their trumpets at the same time and…win? So they BLEW! and the Midianites were scared so badly that they jumped up and fled and actually started killing eachother. And that’s that.

That is God’s power. Crazy, right? With God you can blow a trumpet and win a war. You can be down 31,700 men and still win. You can be the weakest times four and still come out on top. But only if you are using the RIGHT power. Those 32,000 men could not have done what those 300 did. and those MIdianites had NO chance against the 300 because the Lord was on their side.

His power is made perfect in our weakness. The weaker I get, the more like I am to win with Jesus. I choose God’s power. Do you?


with love,



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