How to be a Good Hostess

At the beginning of this year, my pastor did a sermon about Willing over Wanting. And we each had to decide what we were willing to do to create the actual shift we wanted to see in our life. Mine was hospitality. I wanted to have friends over and welcome people into my home. And you may be thinking…thats IT? But for me thats big. I love being alone and deeply value my space as MINE. My apartment has a very open layout so once you are IN, you are IN. But nevertheless, I was determined to become a hostess. After having a few friends over I have learned A LOT and with some help from my friends at MightyVine Tomato I was able to create some fun new recipes to serve when they come over.
  1. Keep it simple
Like all things in life, it is better to keep it simple. When it comes to hosting, serving, party planning or even bible reading, simple is best. It is easy for me to get overwhelmed with all these ideas but what I found was that a simple snack and a beverage usually do the trick. Your friends and guests aren’t expecting you to host a Thanksgiving type dinner on a Wednesday night. So serve some light bites and good wine and just ENJOY each other. Try these easy MightyVine tomato poppers and serve with some crackers or fresh fruit!
  1. Get Creative
I know this may seem to appear like it contradicts point one but you an actually keep it simple and get creative. These MightyVine stuffed tomatoes were surprisingly simple but such a unique way to devour a tomato. They sort of taste like an inside out burger! Creative food always makes for a good conversation starter and shows that you put a little extra through into their visit. But again, getting creative doesn’t have to be HARD. Try these out and serve them up for bae or a friend!
  1. Use what You have
I always get tempted to spend a ton of money at the grocery store to ensure that my guests have every possible thing they could want. But sometimes it is best to just open up the fridge and make magic with what youve got. This tomato jam was unbelievably easy and requires under 5 ingredients. If you have some MightyVine tomatoes laying around and want to spice up a toast, a cheese platter or a burger- this recipe is for YOU.
  1. Perfection is not the standard.
Kindness is. I love quiche. But i hate how the crust is so flaky that it falls apart! Drives me NUTS. But out of all my hosting adventures thus far, I have realized nobody cares as much about the broken crust as me. Nobody is worried about the shoes I left in the corner or the fact that I forgot to grab the wine. People really just want to be seen. They want to be heard. They want a safe place to talk and share and laugh and be themselves. That is IT. SO serve up your flaky crust MightyVine Tomato and Pesto quiche and relax. Hosting is not about impressing its about BEING with the people you love.
Big thanks to my friends at MightyVine tomato for partnering with me to bring you all these amazing recipes. You can find them at these stores : 
What are you favorite hosting tips? Please share!
with love,

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