Got a question? I will try to answer it!

Are you on any special diet?

  • Nope! I am not gluten free, nut free, dairy free, vegan or vegetarian. However, I do strive to eat as many vegetables (especially leafy greens) as I can! And I will have the occasional xyz-free recipe up for those that are!

What church do you go to?

  • I go to Soul City Church in the west loop of Chicago. Come join me one Sunday!

What planner do you use?

  • I use a Day Designer Planner which I love!! I have the mid year/academic daily planner with the black and white strips. You can brows their website through my affiliate link here!

Where can I find the Val Marie Paper journals you’re always talking about?

  • Ah. everyones favorite prayer resource! You can get to her website through my affiliate link here

Where can I sign up for your newsletter?

  • So happy you asked. This is where you’ll get all the exclusive content! Sign up here

I have a private question or prayer request. Can I email you?

  • OF COURSE. hello@thefaithfeast.com. Email me anytime!